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Peter was born in Lund, Sweden early in the morning on the 26th of May. His childhood was spent in Södra Sandby, a small cozy village located 9 km outside of Lund. Some years later Thanya joined the world on the 13th of March in Wapipathum of the Mahasarakham province.

Schooltime was spent in Södra Sandby until his 15th year for Peter and then continued Gymnasium-studies in Lund at the Polhem school where I studied "El-tele, styr och reglerteknisk", i.e. a technical-gymnasium specialized in Robotics and process-industries. Not to be finished there though the studies continued in Oskarshamn (a small sleepy town on the eastcoast of Sweden) on a one-year specialization into "Computers & Electronics".
Eventhough there was plans to goto the University life took a different turn and Peter started to work as a programmer in the city of Malmö for a UK-based company by the name of On Street Marketing.

A couple of years later Peter moved to Vienna where he stayed for 3 1/2 years, exploring the sights of the foreign country, working at the government owned TV-station ORF and at Open Systems Olivetti.
Returning to the womb of Lund was a relief and yet a kind of dissapointment, nothing had changed and life was as it used to be. Got a job working for the company "Dotcom" in Malmö, but after 2 1/2 years it was really enough and swapped for working for "Swedia Networks" where Peter still works today.

Eventhough Lund and Malmö had it's charm, it was far from the big city-life that heart and soul longed for, so when the opportunity appeared a move was made to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. That's where Peter lives now, since the year of 2003.


In the year of 2007, Peter & Thanya found one another, met on a small and cozy Starbucks Café in the central of the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok.

One thing led to another and on the lovely summerday the 13th of July, 2008 Peter asked Thanya if she would be his, to live with for the rest of their lives.
Since that magic *yes* we are now engaged, heading towards the next step...



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