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The "logo" of Södra Sandby, 'Sandbymöllan'.

Well, Peter's childhood was spent in Södra Sandby (where my parents still live today). Södra Sandby was (and is) a quiet small village with only a couple of thousand citizens, just outside of Lund, Sweden.

It probably a great place to grow up on, with green all around you, away from all the big city "dangers", but as you grow up that's the only thing you really want, so before my parents knew it I had moved away to Vienna.

Since I've always enjoyed doing things my way, and not to just follow the flow, Södra Sandby has been for me (and still is) a place where you're supposed to walk that way, talk that way and definitely be that way (else nobody would even look at you), never allowing the unique beeing in you to shine through.

Today it's feels like coming into a safe-house as I enter Södra Sandby, not so much that I don't dare to say or I don't dare to do what I feel for but as a place that never changes, where you know that all will be exactly the same tomorrow. It's nice to have some kind of escape-place, but I would never, ever want to live there, it's just so far from the life-style that I have nowdays.

A friend of mine cutting the grass of my parents lawn (after I successfully persuaded him!) (1991)
My parents in a loving moment (1996)


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