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So now Iím living in Stockholm, Sweden. Actually a city, which I for a long time never thought I would settle down in, but things doesnít always turn out as you think.

Except for itís beauty, itís quite a comfortable place to live, sure the big city *center of the world* attitude from some of the ďnativesĒ can be a bit frustrated from time to time, but itís minor in comparison to all whatís available for you. Some cities blossoms in spring, others in summer of winter, but I have to say that Stockholm is all year-around place with something for everybody in each season.

I settled down in the suburbs, in an area called Solna, which is about seven minutes with the subway to the central of the city. With just a minute walk to Solna Centrum with all itís stores it feels like a comfortable place to live. I have had my ideas though to move to somewhere more close to water, with great view, who knows what happens one day...

My move from Lund was like growing up a bit, now I canít ever imagine moving back there (but who knows what happens!), it has too much of a image of youth, searching for the own identity and a firm place which shows for others whom you are.
I believe there are others that feel the same about Stockholm, maybe still living here, but what they really need is to get away, find a place where itís possible for them to ďgrow upĒ and find the own self.

Itís both liberating and scary to step into a new world, find new friends, new stores, to understand how things work and how they donít work. Nothing is easy and we learn from our mistakes over and over, going to a new place, like Stockholm, is a great opening taking that step, and Iím happy over to have made so much new friends in a short period time thanks to my Pinball interest.

Stockholm cityhall (2004)

The house in which I live (2004).


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