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To experience the world in media from the control room of live tv-shows is some people's long lost dream and I'm greatful for having done that.
The feeling of the knowledge over that what you do can be seen by millions of people and might affect their daily life was both scary and fascinating. I can understand why it turns into kind of drug for famous people, a drug where they search for attention through all the available channels, tv, radio, film, magazine's. It's truly sad that our lives are so filled of need for power, it should instead be a need for fullfillment, blissful harmony in your soul and the happiness of knowing that you help others and grant them joy in their lives.

The work there made me also realize how powerful media can be in manipulating the masses, one simple little choice that was made in the control-both, even when it was lie or made up, turned quickly into reality and believed by everybody. I so wish that people where more distrusting in media, questioning their sources and relied more on their own common sense, but well sadly that is not the case today.


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