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What I didn’t know about as I started my employment at Swedia Networks was that I was to be put into an educational program together with about thirty other field-engineers.

The following two years where almost like going back to school, needing to find that self-discipline for studies. It was a wonderful time and I’m very grateful for that the company believed in us and spent all that time and resources. At the end we where five persons left that went down to Brussels for the final exam (CCIE R/S).

Me and a colleague of mine, Erik succeeded on the first attempt, which was one of the greatest experiences ever in my career. For the following months, just after the test, it felt like nothing was impossible, an incredible self-confidence boost.

My CCIE certificate Medallion (2002).

I wouldn’t say that the CCIE certification has made me “all-knowing”, no, it has just given one a perspective view and knowledge about my own limitations as well as a certain degree of self-confidence. Now it's easy to tell people that I have no expertise in a certain subject, because I know that in other subject I do have it.

Through Swedia Networks I’ve also gotten the opportunity to work and visit different places, like Cannes, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, Östersund, Oslo and Copenhagen. The most notable was as I spent a solid month in Australia and in New Zeeland.

The final team gathered a december day, just a month before the CCIE-exam (2001).


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