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thanya in front of Wat Arun (2007)

Peter at Tiger Temple (2007)

Bangkok is a asian city bursting with energy, one moment noisy, messy, scary, modern and in the next it's ouzing of the past with respect for the traditions and individuals. The western world has much to learn from the sense of respect, to value the heart and soul of others.

To walk the streets is new sights every moment, to let your mind get filled with all it's inputs, it's quite a feeling. To enter a temple and enjoy it's calmness once in awhile turns into a must to manage the soul of the city.

Just outside of the city the adventure took me to River Kwai, the bridge and it's terrifying history, and in the next moment the Tiger Temple.

The differance between lifestyle in Europe and in Asia is sometimes vast and in other

moments it's just a slight notch. It's surprising how well a system with high taxes and high prices (western world) feeds of other parts in the world, where saleries and prices are way lower. Someone has to loose for someone else to win, and glancing into the future makes you wonder how and where it will head, will it equalize or collapse.

To get back to Bangkok, adventures lurked around the corners, but the biggest one did happened at a regular starbucks Café, to realize that this is the one to live with forever and ever... that was the thing... the number one thing... my Thanyaluv...

The bridge at River Kwai (2007)


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