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Volvo C70 Coupe, one week old (2000) Next to BBB Pinball game (2004) Leia posing (2001) Cats asleep (2001) TAF Pinball game in darkness
Wall of Roses Thanya Drottningholm Thanya under a Rauk Thanya & Peter in Visby Thanya & Peter driving
Thanya and her neice Thanya on a hill Thanya Helicopter-ride Thanya, Inger & Claes Peter on a cruise to Åbo
Peter, TV3 Singel Coacherna Engagement rings Porsche rearview view Porsche, just bought Mediaval Madness & Cactus Canyon
Birdsview of Klippgatan Porsche interior Helicopter view Book: 55 Reasons to hug before it's too late

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