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It has turned into one of my favorite-movies, a simple love-story that becomes quite complicated due leading characters own world picture. Sometimes I can associate directly with him, sometimes it's like watching and remembering how two old friend of mine used to be (and is), do recognize them so much. Both very intelligent, with good friends and still never daring to take any steps forward in life because of the imaginary vision of that it's perfect right now (or could go worse), so why ruin it.
Being able to look far ahead is nice, as long as you dare to break the pattern and make that step forward, not getting stuck.
I knew a girl that believed she only looked forward, seeing different paths and possibilities in everything. Nowdays I've come to understand that she actually lived in the past mostly, the looking forward was very short headed, unplanned, could look around the corner, but not until the end of the street.
I guess there is no right or wrong way with this, there is only "your" own way for us all, as long as it works.
We are all are very diverse and have our weeknesses and strenghts, and by watching Good Will Hunting, I see so many different people from my past life in the characters, and this has made me enjoy it over and over again.


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