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First holiday alone (away from parents) with a friend in London, no limits, in all record/video stores is the Hellraiser video-tape advertised (buy it, this years horror-happening and so on...),no parents to stop you, bought in a matter of seconds.
As we came home to Sweden, it was the first thing to see from the tapes we had bought.
Today I really enjoy it, not so much for the scares and the gore, but because of the dialogs.
A great movie, but for me it has in some kind of way grown onto me. The first time, it was just another horror movie, maybe my english wasnīt that good then so I didnīt fully enjoy the rich and clever dialogs from the clip.
The only dissepointment in the Hellraiser-saga is part IV, I saw it on a cinema in San Mateo, California, one week after the premiere,we where three persons in the whole cinema, and this was a LARGE cinema (as everything is in the US), but the whole aspect of bringing everything out into space just makes you feel sick, I will never see part IV again (except maybe a special edition where they have cutted away half an hour and replaced with one hour of stuff written exclusively by Clive).


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