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Howard the Duck is considered to be one of the worst movies ever made (up there in the top (bottom?) together with Plan 9 from outer space) and I pretty much disagree with it placement there on the list. Maybe it's because of great memory associated the movie or maybe it's just the plain fact that it's really fun, just been so disliked by all reviewers.

So what about that great memory? Well, me and two my friends had bought tickets for it on it's cinema premiere.
Coming to the cinema, we where a bit of surprised to realize that there we where the only ones there, even when it was the premiere-night. The reason for it could be because it was a lovely weather evening and probably most people prefered to enjoy the weather (or something like that?).

The empty movie-theater just for us three turned out to be so fun, and to top it the film-strip broke halfway through so we had to wait until it got repaired. Like having our own show at home on a premiere-night, so fun!


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