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At the time Twin Peaks went on TV, I didn't live at home, but studied in Oskarshamn, and rented a room by a family there. The mother in the family where I lived got hooked into Twin Peaks too, we both where allways busy in front of the TV every monday evening.
It happend once that the phone rang in the middle of a episode, she picked up the phone and said, without knowing who was on the other line: -Do you know what's on right now?!, the person on the other side said: -No, she answered: -Twin Peaks, and hanged up.
The fun of discussing Twin Peaks in school every tuesday morning was unbeatable, everybody followed it and it was really the thing to talk about.
The whole enviroment of Twin Peaks also fitted in into Oskarshamn, a small town, where everybody knows everybody, and where people slow down for orange insteed of speeding up. Actually not far away from the family where I lived was someone murdered, the intrigues where not far from Twin Peaks-feelings!


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