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First of all, We have to welcome you to this little hideout here in the vastness of our Internet. Truly hope you fill find your visit here worthwhile, and do please send a little message or two if there is anything that you wonder about!
The reason for the creation of this site to give everybody out there a little vision about who we are, the past history, the present and maybe even a little hint about the future plans! This is now the fourth revision of the homepage, now edited to be more conform to the general design of pages on the internet and using a bit newer html-code. Still no usage of any fancy html-editor, no, nope, everything is done by hand!

You will probably notice that there is no structured overview with links to every single page, and some unusual interlinks between different areas, the reason for this is to give you as a visitor a explorational experience as you browse your way through all the pages here. That is, it should be a little bit of adventure to find the way and yes, there is quite many pages and some of them pretty hidden away from the first glance at the site.
There is no off-site links at all, so you don't have to worry about being linked to somewhere far out into the web, not finding the way back here...

One question that pops up from time to time is; So where does the name 'The Power of Darkness' come from. It's actually a thing from youth, Peter and since long lost friend had a BBS (Bulletin Board System, a information sharing system over telephone-lines that was *the thing* before we had internet) together. It was named TPoD, as a contrast to that it's the sunlight that gives us power and energy.

Since the last revision of the homepage, it's now been added a world-map from which travelling-memories will be introduced, interlinked with the biography in a nested sort of way. On the top of each page there is now a link back to the main-page and to nearest menu (if there is one, else it goes back to the main-page). The Biography have been re-edited and updated with information about the recent years. The movie-memories has been expanded with some more memorable moments and will grow by itself in due time.

If you have any wonders about picture and source-material, copyrights and the information found on the pages, please follow the link.
So get out there now, have some fun here on your visit, explore, and take care, don't trip and fall while you explore through the internet, you know, it's quite easy to get lost!


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