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My major interest and hobby is Pinball Machines, one thing that has made it so great is the community of people that surrounds it. People from all kinds of different backgrounds, all with the common interest, some are into it for the thrill of playing, others as collectors or just interested in electro-mechanics.

I do enjoy to play, especially since it's a much more physical game then ordinary computer-games, but the main topic for me isn't really the playing, it's what's all behind, electronics, mechanics, artwork, software, design.
A Pinball-game is something where all of these have been combined to create an amazing entertainment-centre.

My interest in these amazing machines started as I and a colleague of mine celebrated our CCIE-certification with buying each of us a Pinball machine, he bought a Funhouse and I got an Indiana Jones. Sure I had enjoyed to play a game or two before, but never really thought about it any further, so a game at home was more a "fun" gadget.


... until that day as I opened it up and started to troubleshoot and look underneath the playfield, learning to understand how it all worked together. I was stunned, so simple and yet so complex, truly a pleasure of it own just to troubleshoot and fix things.

Together with a friend of mine, we visited Pinball Expo in Chicago the autumn of 2004. One part of the Expo was a visit to the Stern Pinball Factory, to get a little insight in how the today only existing factory builds what has turned into a great entertainment. The trip became a great adventure, not just by seeing and playing unusal games, but as well as meeting other Pinball interested people from all around the world.
I've also once joined the Swedish team visiting the World Championship at Papa in Pittsburgh for a insight in the competition side of Pinball. Another fine Pinball-memory was when me and my great friend "Eskil" visited NPC in Trondheim, Norway.

Below on this page introduces the games that I own. Renovations and customizations that have been made to them will be in due time presented here. All of these customisations are of cause made so that one always can bring back the game into it's original.

IPB Big Bang Bar #79
Medieval Madness
Cactus Canyon
The Addams Family


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