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Me and Eskil in front of the only Pinball factory in the world, Stern Pinball (2004)

Me and my friend "Eskil" used our Airline bonus points for travelling first class to Chicago. Pinball Expo has for many years been the event for Pinball geeks interested in the industry, collection, history and yes just to get together with fellows.
Eskil managed to get to the finals of the Pinball competition, and on the way back we where treated like some Swedish hero's on the flight, first class service with first class tickets!

Outside of Pinball Expo with got some time to explore the windy city of Chicago, seeing where the maffia had it's stronghold in the old times and enjoying everything from Hooters, Cayote Ugly Bar to Sears Tower and some real classical American breakfasts.

Pinball competition at Pinball Expo

Sears Tower, Chicago

One way of fixing a Pinball, Pinball Expo


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