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A while ago I wrote about Lund that that I was back where I started, well it isn't true anymore since nowdays I live in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Lund is one of Sweden's major student-towns and the reason why I enjoyed it there is because that you never felt too old, there is always so much young people all around, and so much crazy stuff going on that made you feel alive.

One good thing with that Lund isn't so big is that you always met people that you know when you are out on town, the paradox with this is that the bad thing with a small town like Lund is that you always met people that you know when you are out on town, and if you can't comprehend this paradox just e-mail me for a explanation:-).

Several of my friends through life have at least once been living here for some kind of reason, either because of studies or getting away for a while. Most of the life there, regardless if you are a student or not is centered around the University and all it's activities, this creates a sort of cozy calm atmosphere which speeds up towards the end of each study-season.

Sign in central of Lund (1975).

Nowdays I use to visit Lund mostly for Christmas, shopping christmas-presents just the days before, with the cozy athmosphere in the little inner city the spirit for celebration is wonderfully hightened. I've never been upto planning ahead with christmas-gifts, do believe it's more fun to spontanously get what suits for the moment and just the day before.


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