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All the kids in the street (me to the far left). Photo taken 1976.

The years before school started I spended with the kids on the street, I can remember that in Christmas time the guy driving a truck to remove all the snow used to create a big pile of snow in the roundabout in our street where we all used to play (build caves and so on).

All the parents in the street putted us in the local boy-scout club where I guess they wanted us to get rid of our over-energy, and as I look back today, I feel that it didn't help very much... but at least it gave them some quality time alone with eachother.

Another memory is about when we all kids got a whole week (a very long time for a kid) in the summer without bicycles because we had all broken the rule that we where not allowed to bike on the larger road outside, that was a tough week...
In summertime we used to play in the small forrest just around the corner, climbing in tree's, building cabins up in tree's, spying and creating a great imaginative world together.

As a kid vacations with parents was both fun and annoying, sometimes you want to stay at home, other times not go home, travelling around in Sweden, bus-tour to Amsterdam and visiting London together with grandparents.

As I grew up and entered school I started to hang out with a new friend that lived on the other side of a even larger road, and he and I spended a lots of time in "Fågelsångsdalen", a nature-resovair, playing around (you know as kids do...).
In wintertime and on days with bad weather we where crazy playing with Lego, doing space-fights on paper (our own invention), and talking about girls (yes we did this in our own fashion way). His father was a professor in plant-physics and after his family moved to Gothenburg another one of my then classmate's parents moved into my friends old house, and even five years later strange unclassified plants could pop up here and there in the garden! Some years later our parents gave me and David our first trip abroad without parents... to London!

Later on in my childhood after that my absolute best friend had moved away, I had a couple of years of switching friends often, and then in the last years of school I started to hang out with some more questionable friends (we called ourselves for fun K.R.F. (Kröga Röga Föröga (DrinkSmokeMultiply)), it was a fun rebellion time, we did a lots that you are not supposed to do, but I guess you always want as a kid to know the limit of things, and we just pushed it a bit further...

I didn't drop the contact with them after going to "El-tele, styr och reglerteknisk" gymnasium, but we all grew up, started to study and met more for playing computer-games, seeing movies, going out and talk about old times.

Pictures taken of two of my friends that I made in the last years of school. The pictures where taken with an old B/W video-camera directly digitized onto my Amiga.


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