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Schoolphoto from "Polhemskolan", I'm sitting directly right of the three (1988).

I was pretty tired of school before I started on Gymnasium, but the Gymnasium was so different from previous schools, there was no grade-fight between the students, everybody was just doing as good as they could for themselves.
I made a couple of new friends, which I still today keep up the contact with. The best thing though was that the school was BIG, had a lots of girls and there was a lots to do.

We builded a pirate-radio which covered up the school, and connected two walkman's to a simple own-builded mixer and transmitted music to the whole school under festivities, it was a great time (and we never got caught!).
Except dreaming away about girls and having fun at the school I studied of cause, and came out with reasonable grades, and felt for continuing my studies so I choose a one year course called "Computers & Electronics".


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