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Schoolphoto from "Uggleskolan", I'm standing in the top row to the right wearing a blue pullover (1981).

I started school in Södra Sandby as a nervous seven year old kid, my first school was called "Uggleskolan" (Owlschool), not far away from my parents house (where they still live today). This was a great time, a lots of time to play around, making friends, not worrying for anything really.

The second year in school there came a new boy, he had lived in the US the past year and naturally didn't want to be left by his parents alone in this alien class (where everybody knew each other, but nobody know him). Anyway this with that he'd lived in US for a whole year fascinated me, so I turned to him under the first lesson and asked him if he couldn't tell me about America under the break, and that was the beginning of wonderful childhood friendship. He moved to Gothenburg two years later sadly, I was pretty depressed when that happened, but we kept up the contact, and have met several times afterwards.

Later on my class was moved to a newly built school in Södra Sandby, called "Killebäcksskolan", and here the tough life started. We started to receive grades in school, and I wasn't really the best student, and depressions came and went (but I handled it). It was here I made acquaintance with computers, and started to hack away (even today I feel a kind relaxation when I rest my hands on a keyboard (as I do right now writing this)).

The last years at school we had a exchange-student program with a school in Hamburg, Germany. A bus filled with 14/15 year old boys and girls from the calm countryside visiting the big city of Hamburg, I can't remember that we learned very much of it, but surely had fun... and on the way back we had hid the booze in the trash-bins and the fan-system of the bus (naughty naughty kids!)

In the eight and ninth grade I made more questionable friends (but they where friends), started to rebel a bit, do things that you are not supposed to (if you catch my meaning...). And from this time and on I've always enjoyed to show to other people that I'm different, to make some kind of statement (i.e. sometimes dress extreme, do weird things and so on, it's fun).
Well after fighting for reasonable grades for the examination-class I succeeded in at least getting something acceptable which brought me into "El-tele, styr och reglerteknisk", a technical-gymnasium.



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