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Top right is our main teacher, Harry Sandberg who was responsible for our Electronics-education. On the opposite-side (ie. furthest to the left) is the guy from Stockholm (I called him "Stockis", if you take a closer look you can see that he and the teacher are the only ones in the back row that are standing directly on the floor (both where around 200 centimeters tall)). The guy in the middle of the photo with the "London" T-shirt is the guy from Eskilstuna who I used to call "Eskil", and next-left of him, well thats me.

This one year course was on a gymnasium-school in Oskarshamn where I was the only guy from Lund, most of the others where from more north in Sweden and had gone a similar education like me before.

Me, a guy from Stockholm and a guy from Eskilstuna started to hang around together, doing crazy things. We where all away from home, no parents that checked up on us, completely free (well almost).

I finished my studies in Oskarshamn with pretty good grades (received a stipendium), and got employed as a programmer almost directly afterwards by a UK company called On Street Marketing.


After each school-lunch we sat down outside the dinning-hall and gave every girl/babe different nick-names depending on their appearances.
Another funny thing that I can remember is when me and Eskil where going by car with our computers-teacher and suddenly on the parking-lot Eskil screams out "look out, a tree" and a pause..."ten meters away"...the teacher wasn't very happy...but it was definitly fun.

We all received projects which we should solve in pairs, me and Eskil worked together and honestly we didn't do very much until the last couple of weeks (and everybody in our class knew that, including the teachers).
The last couple of days we where up more then 70 hours (three days) without a single second of sleep while we where finishing of the project.
On the day the project was to be finished, it should be put on our teachers desk none later then 12 o'clock, we where there five minutes later...and the teacher (who knew how much we had been up to lately) thought it very funny to comment with, "you're late!" ... Aaargh ...afterwards we got permission to go home and sleep, and I can remember that I slept for full 24 hours!).



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