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Capture from Vienna's first district (1994).

I moved to Austria with 40 kilogram of luggage and a feeling of adventure, to sniff on something completely new. There was so much to see, so much to try to understand, and so little time.
The first year was a fight of survival, I got a job at the government owned TV-station ORF through contacts, and things started to fall into place. Even got the possibility for some vacations, one to Rome and another one to Turkey.

One memory that lasts is the time as we drove to München in Germany to buy a cat (Sindbad), on the way back, driving in 160 km/h on the highway towards Vienna... what happens... yes, a punctured front-tire with a cat in a cage in the back... It was so amazing that Sindbad never freaked out, he was calm all the time, like he was trusting me all the time, that it would be allright (which turned out to be).

Later on I got a job at a company called Open Systems as a router-technician, mostly because I was the only one that had ever seen a router before.
The time was great, I got to see things that I never thought I would ever see, I got yet another image of how it works in another country (cause it is one thing to just live and work in a foreign country and it is another one to try to adapt to it's culture and to become a citizen).

I kept the job at the TV-station ORF, and there was sadly not very much time over to socialise (the time there was, I was just to tired), so relationship and life took the hits and three and half years later on the only choice that was left was to either stay and just work, work and work or to go back home to Sweden to save the contacts to those friends that I still had. As you can understand, I did the later.


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