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My place at OSM in Malmö (1993).

After studies in Oskarshamn I was thinking about to continue studies to reach the title "Computer-Engineer". I sended away my applications and waited, but instead of getting a letter or call from the school I got a phonecall from a English-accented guy that told me that he'd heard that I was a computer-wiz and he was interested in employing me as a programmer.

Well as you can understand, I took the job, and I have to admit that it really changed my whole life, I would never have been in the situation that I am in today if I wouldn't have taken it. Through that job I avoided the depression and unemployment that came the following years in Sweden.

The company had the main office in Birmingham, U.K. with other offices in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Portugal and Cyprus and since I was their first real programmer I had to travel between their offices to setup different applications.
Today I feel that I learned a lot from that time abroad, it was like a school without any safety nets. The most important lesson, I guess, turned out to be to not judge cultures and other people to quickly (some people call this: 'to grow up', but I don't like the word "grownup", I prefer to be a kid and have fun!).

Anyway, at the office in Vienna I got charmed and seduced. I decided to move down there, partly also because the company wasn't financially going that good anymore, but mostly because of the adventure of it, to explore and to dare and yes, to plainly have as much fun out of my life as possible.

View from the Cyprus-office (1994).
View over Lisabon (1994).


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